Working together with schools and organisations...

Art Workshops 

Between 2017 -2019 at Lambhill Stables I have run a series of different art based workshops some of which included an October week Drawing and Sculpture workshop. The participants were mostly aged 16 and for other art workshops using clay and printing participants have ranged from ages 8 to 24. 

Nature Tiles: These have been done through a series of workshops with adults and children. 

through collecting plants and flowers to use as imprints on clay. Once an imprint is transferred to the clay a boarder is placed around and then filled with plaster or concrete to create a tile that has a casted mould of the flowers that were placed inside. 

Drawing Workshop 

Printing Workshop

Sculpture Workshop 

Painting Workshop

Plant and Garden Workshops / Projects

Working with Glasgow Kelvin College to recreate their garden space. 

Workshop included learning about square foot gardening, companion planting and designing a Zen Garden through a series of planting and art based workshops.  

Kokedama Plant Workshop with Lodestone Creative & Lambhill Stables 

This is aimed for young people and adults. A meditative approach to gardening by using a traditional Japanese method of bonsai gardening. 

"Koke" - moss  & "Dama" - Ball 

Lambhill Stables Youth Garden: (in Progress)  

Through a series of workshops with the Youth clubs at Lambhill Stables I have designed parts of the garden that will allow them to engage with the outdoors and explore new plants as well as nature.

Youth Workshops 

Mural Workshop: (in progress)

For this workshop the group wanted their own mural that could act as a piece of conservation as well as aesthetically highlighting their youth hub space. We came up with a few ideas in the form of comics strips and this was put together by myself to create a design that they could paint onto panels for the container that is their youth hub. 

Zine & Bookbinding Workshop: 

The Zine workshops at Lambhill Stables have been aimed at the youth clubs as a way of documenting and evaluating their projects. 

Here they have been documenting their learning about local nocturnal animals and their habitats. 

Gardening Workshop: 

I have done a series of workshops that have included creating planters, and planning out flower beds as well as planting and harvesting from these. 

Pigment making workshop: With the Youth Club at Lambhill Stables 

This workshop focused mainly on finding types of soil and rocks that could be dried or crushed down to a powder to make pigments for painting. We started off looking for different coloured rocks, and minerals in the garden which we collected up and crushed down. 

Once turned into a fine powder we mixed it with small amounts of water to create our paints, we also experimented with egg whites and linseed oil to see the different outcomes of the paint. 

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