I am interested in exploring themes that explore the relationships between Nature and Humans, and the importance of place. 

I enjoy the playfullness of nature, and through observing and exploring, it creates a sense of escape and enjoyment within places that become parts of our identity. 

I want to explore this further, and visualise this into work, that incorporates the emotional connections to landscapes, forests, trees, plants, animals and places in nature whilst merging them into the fabrication of our modern lives, within technology, buildings and man made things. 

This has been embodied in my work through drawing, Film, Animation, Installations or sculpture.

The aim in my work is to try and look at nature and our surroundings differently and how we are connected to it, or disconnected. 

My interests are the contrasts of everyday urban life and control of the environment against the natural. 


Born in Norway, mixed race (Norwegian & West Indian Trinidad).  I Completed my Undergraduate Degree at Falmouth University, and my MFA in Contemporary Art practice at Edinburgh University. 

I currently hold a studio space in Glasgow, where I am working on new ideas and projects that explore nature in urban contexts and our current ties to it. 

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