Forflyttet Natur

MFA Contemporary Art Practice show 2017

For the final year degree show, my work involving video and installation was exhibited. Focusing on displaced nature and people, this work explores how we have replaced nature with culture, and focuses on the human nature relationship. 

The video focuses on the Giant Redwood tree, considered a large colossal creature that towers over us giving us a sense of insignificance and awe, as with many trees they are considered the door way to wisdom and knowledge due to their age and stillness. The two year old tree in this video however, is young having ancestors that were once great and some still are,  however has not experienced the modern world we live in. With this interest, the Tree and human venture out to learn and observe the human creations of nature and gardens learning about how we have changed our landscape displacing ourselves our identity and cultures. 

There is a focus on the movement of nature and plants, that is compared to humans moving and being forced to move. Looking at my own culture and background, and the Sami culture that has a close affinity to nature like myself. Becoming a place that I can belong to amongst the confusing busy world that we live in. 

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