Current Work

Places and Nature. What is our relationship with it? 

Being playful in nature, by observing, climbing and playing within it, has created a sense of escape and enjoyment within those places. I want to explore this further, and visualise this into work, that incorporates emotional connection to landscapes, forests, and places in nature away from civilisation/ Urban environments. 

Nature is non biased and a continuumever looping and changing and accepting of everything within it.
Having issues with identity as a child growing up, with different religions andculture, it was hard to identify and relate to one thing without being toldthat I wasn’t fully a part of it because I was only a part/ mixed human.

This displacement made me aware of nature more, and more comfortable within it.

The tree being taken out of its environment and shown a new one, as well as the human representation of nature,is also a representation of my displacement. Wanting to have a place that Ibelong and could escape time, culture and race, nature was my point ofsanctuary away from that.

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