The Next Challenge

The Next Challenge 

Recently, along side my workshops I’ve been taking on some mini personal challenges, which will be written about in a little more in-depth within my blog. 

My new drawing challenge is somthing I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I finally have some time to put into it. I have taken on the 100 day challenge of creating work, whether its a painting or a quick sketch, every day for the next 100 days.  Today I have reached up to day 34, and so far it has been a little stuggle, BUT! I feel like my techniques are improving and my ideas are coming forward a little faster than before. 

As it is now October, and Inktober was another challenge which i figured might be good to get involved in aswell!I decided to take on both! making 2 sketches a day for this month, so here goes, my 100 days of drawing together with Inktober, its going to be a full on month of sketching. 

Keep checking back for updates! 

Heres a little sneak preview of my work for these projects. 

You can check it out on @dkbec on Instagram!

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