50/100 Half way there

Half way there guys! 

So! I have reached my half way point of my 100 day challenge, and it’s been pretty challenging so far! 

Inktober put a little dent in my progress, in the sense that I wanted to try and do two drawings a day. Realistically?! that was not going to happen, so in reality I kept to my drawing a day, and then just changed it to go with the theme prompts for the days during inktober. However, my last week of October got a little messed up, as I was also at 2 weddings PLUS I had a long drive up to Norway, so that made it a little harder to post my progress. 

ANYWAY its all up now and DONE! Currently, I am just getting back on track (sort of), I may be a few day behind, but I am doing a drawing a day, which I am now starting to like and get into a rhythm with, which I must say is quite nice. 

As days get a little shorter here, and colder, it is quite nice to curl up infront the fire and draw away. So that is what I have been trying to do, along with my lazy days where I simply do NOT want to do anything. 

However I have tried to to keep them simple and fun, so I don’t have a repetition of Inktober where I felt overwhelmed by it all, along with other daily chores and work that I just had to put it aside and ended up forgetting! (we all have those days). 

So today, I’ve been looking back a little, and also I was lucky to find an old scrap book with black pages, which I haven’t tired drawing on befoe in the past, so this was a nice change from the regular blank white pages. 

I’ve had this love hate relationship with colour and if you’ve not noticed yet alot of my drawings are pencil and rarely any colour is used. The reason for this is mostly because I love colours so much I just want to throw them all onto the pages and then they end up looking a little mad, so black and white is my safe zone. 

Anyway, I have found that the black paper, compliments my madness of colour use, and so! I think I have found a way I can use my colour appreciation in my drawings which is so exciting! I have started with some still lifes, just to get warmed up, and I’m hoping this will evolve into something wonderful, but we shall see! 

The Next Challenge

The Next Challenge 

Recently, along side my workshops I’ve been taking on some mini personal challenges, which will be written about in a little more in-depth within my blog. 

My new drawing challenge is somthing I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I finally have some time to put into it. I have taken on the 100 day challenge of creating work, whether its a painting or a quick sketch, every day for the next 100 days.  Today I have reached up to day 34, and so far it has been a little stuggle, BUT! I feel like my techniques are improving and my ideas are coming forward a little faster than before. 

As it is now October, and Inktober was another challenge which i figured might be good to get involved in aswell!I decided to take on both! making 2 sketches a day for this month, so here goes, my 100 days of drawing together with Inktober, its going to be a full on month of sketching. 

Keep checking back for updates! 

Heres a little sneak preview of my work for these projects. 

You can check it out on @dkbec on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/dkbec/

Printing Workshop

Mono Printing, Wood Block Printing and Lino Printing Workshops! 

This was a great opportunity to try out different skills in a series of workshops, building up technical skill and knowledge of some printing techniques. 

I was particularly pleased that this was very sucessfull with young people, learning how to use tools and create some lovely pieces of art that they could take home. 

For the printing we used water based inks, that could be used for all the printing processes, and was easy to wash off and store. 

For Mono Printing we used a large heavy duty plastic sheet, glass is more ideal however this worked well, and we tried different ways of making marks into the ink. After the participants confidence grew in this we moved on to drawing onto polystyrene sheets that was an easy was of creating lino styled prints. 

Once  this was establised participants went onto, lino cutting and wood block carving to create small simple designs. I found that using reclaimed bits of wood was particularly good as we could chose from different styles and textures as well as hardness/ softness of boards.  

However using wood can be challenging when trying ot find the right type, so having knowledge on this is helpfull! 

Either way, these workshops were enjoyable and adults joined in as well, finding it very theraputic and fun. 

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